Monday, March 2, 2009


Worship is transformative. I mean that you become like what you worship. If you worship evil and death, you will be afflicted with evil and die. If you seek the living, loving, God, God will transform you to be more like His own Son.

America suffers from evil. For years America has evilly worshiped the death of innocence. Children are supposed to do sex, people are supposed to do drugs, everyone is supposed to risk family for personal thrills. And worst of all, America slaughters it's innocent unborn.

Even the President spoke in favor of abortion, saying that he would rather not have his daughters "punished" with a baby. How evil is this distortion! The poor man would rather see the death of his own grandchildren, his own blood, rather than see his daughters inconvenienced. Then we, the people, elected him.

America! You worship convenience and self-indulgence. Keep this 'god' and only lonely death waits for you. You must repent of all these evils. Even if you did not personally commit any of them, please join with us in the prayer of national repentance.

For your own sake, learn to worship God!