Wednesday, March 25, 2009


The prophet Amos wrote in his prophecy that God condemned the rulers of his day. How much more today, when our rulers have history to consult before they over burden the people. The following is a gloss based on the text of fifth chapter of the Prophet Amos, starting at verse 10..

They hate the voice of righteousness. They hate the voice speaking truth in public.

They trample upon the innocent and take an excess taxes from them. They have a fancy house built for themselves, but they shall not occupy them. They plant gardens with trees for their personal pleasure,but they shall not be to see them.

God has seen their evil doings; they take oaths falsely, so they could afflict the innocent and the good; they take bribes and pervert justice; they ignore the cries of the needy among the people.

God pronounced justice on them, "They shall fall, and never rise again."

What will it be for these politicians today? Have they stopped their ears at the voice of God?